10mm Tourmaline in 5 element colors represent gold, water, wood, fire, earth.



• Give people a feeling of happiness and ecstasy, help to develop their minds, and relieve depression.

• Can attract love and friendship, increase heterosexuality & friendliness, dispel loneliness, release personal charm, and strengthen affinity.



· 调和五行晶石中能量最强,是水晶家族中最聚财、聚福、辟邪的宝石。

· 能够稳定磁场,排除周围的负能量、起到辟凶化煞、镇宅驱邪的作用· 更可聚福气、聚财气。

· 能吸引爱情与友情,增加异性缘,融化冷漠与疏离感。

10mm Black Obsidian



• Helps absorbing the disease and turbidity of the human body.
• Eliminate negative energy in the body, fatigue, stress, headache.
• Best for those people who need to work at night, to shield against evil & negativity.





Signature Blessing 五行手链