9mm Amethyst quartz designed with S925 sterling silver accessories. 


Amethyst Benefits:

• Helps develop wisdom, improve self-awareness, popularity, and promote

   interpersonal relationships.

• Promotes calmness & makes it easier for people to settle down.

• By placing Amethyst Caves at the end of the walkway at home, the office,

   and in the store, it has the effect of attracting money and popularity.

• Strengthen tolerance and this crystal is beneficial to leadership control.



· 可以开发智慧、帮助思考、集中念力、增加记忆能力
· 作为传统意义上的护身符,通常可驱赶邪运、增强个人运气
· 平稳情绪,提高直觉力
· 可以平和心绪、提高悟性、带来灵感

Signature Amethyst for Her