12mm Amethyst designed with hemitate to improve your health and blood circulation. Logo charm material S925 sterling silver.



• Helps develop wisdom, improve self-awareness, popularity, and promote interpersonal relationships
• Promotes calmness & makes it easier for people to settle down
• The effect of attracting money and popularity.



· 可以开发智慧、帮助思考、集中念力、增加记忆能力
· 作为传统意义上的护身符,通常可驱赶邪运、增强个人运气
· 平稳情绪,提高直觉力
· 可以平和心绪、提高悟性、带来灵感


Hemitate 赤铁矿

- 有助于改善人体磁场,增强细胞活性及保持健康。

- It helps to restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply. 

- Beneficial for the mind, helping to enhance memory. 

Signature Amethyst 紫水晶