Super 7 超七



• Seven minerals with superb energy.
• Very spiritual, can purify the mind, thereby strengthening one's beliefs, self-confidence, and even judgment.
• To increase personal charisma and popularity, and enhance interpersonal relationships.
• Ability to develop 7 chakras of the human body to promote metabolism, keep the body healthy and stay away from illness.



· 七种矿物,拥有超大的能量、气场、磁场,能够带来事半功倍的效果。
· 很有灵性,可以净化心灵,从而加强一个人的信念及自信心,甚至判断力。
· 能提升个人气质,增加个人魅力及人缘,增进人际关系。
· 能开发人体七轮,促进新陈代谢,使身体健康,远离病。

Super 7 超七 (Premium )