8mm Rose quartz 粉晶


• The Stone of Love, which enhances the relationship between couples, reduces friction, quarrels, anger, and strengthens love
• Attract more business opportunities, the best secret tool for business people

· 具有改善情感危机、减少感情烦恼、治疗心灵伤痛的功效
· 对有情侣者,可以改善你与另一半的感情,带给你愉快的感情生活
· 可協助改善人際關係,增進人緣、生意緣,是開門做生意的最佳利器


8mm Moonstone

• To help calm responses and stress, and avoid overreaction.
• Stone of Lovers to enhance the harmony between husband and wife
• Helps to improve quality sleep and has a cosmetic effect

· 调和急躁、直率、刚烈、冲动等个性,改善气质
· 恋人之石,增进夫妻和伴侣之间的感情和谐
· 有助睡眠和具有美容效果
· 可使人心灵平静,和谐纯洁。具有集中精神、提高注意力的功效


10mm Aquamarine

• The best amulet for frequent long-distance travelers.

• Improves expression and persuasiveness.
• Helps to calm the mind and restore inspiration.

· 经常长途旅行者的最佳护身符
· 能增强表达能力和说服力
· 帮助镇静心神,恢复灵感,文思泉涌

Rose Quartz/ Moonstones/Aquamarine 粉晶/蓝月光石/海蓝宝