• Fortune is composed of different types & colors of crystal. It combines of three colors red, green and yellow. It symbolizes the good fortune of Fu Lu Shou.

• Due to its unique combination of various crystals, hence it carries super strong energy.
• Fortune represents longevity, prosperity, and blessing. It can comprehensively promote health and enhance wealth. The elderly can wear for improving health, longevity, wealth and auspicious, and protect the safety of the whole family.



·  福禄寿水晶由各种色泽不同的发晶或其它水晶组成,以代表喜庆的红绿黄三种颜色的水晶为主,正寓意“福禄寿”吉祥之意
· 由于多种水晶的组合,所以其能量也是非常强劲的
· 福禄寿代表长寿、富裕、福气,可以全面提成健康,增进财富,老年人佩戴能健康长寿,富贵吉祥,可保护全家平安

FuLuShou Crystal 福禄寿