Quartz (8mm) : Rose 粉晶 / Aquamarine 海蓝宝 / Amethyst 紫晶

Accessories: S925 Sterling Silver plated rose gold color.


Rose Quartz Benefits:

• The Stone of Love, which enhances the relationship between couples, reduces friction, quarrels, anger, and strengthens love.
• Attract more business opportunities, the best secret tool for business people.


· 具有改善情感危机、减少感情烦恼、治疗心灵伤痛的功效.
· 对有情侣者,可以改善你与另一半的感情,带给你愉快的感情生活.
· 可協助改善人際關係,增進人緣、生意緣,是開門做生意的最佳利器.


Aquamarine Benefits:

• The best amulet for frequent long-distance traveler
• Improves expression and persuasiveness
• Helps to calm the mind and restore inspiration


· 经常长途旅行者的最佳护身符
· 能增强表达能力和说服力
· 帮助镇静心神,恢复灵感,文思泉涌


Amethyst Benefits:

• Helps develop wisdom, improve self-awareness, popularity, and promote interpersonal relationships.
• Promotes calmness & makes it easier for people to settle down.
• The effect of attracting money and popularity.


· 可以开发智慧、帮助思考、集中念力、增加记忆能力
· 作为传统意义上的护身符,通常可驱赶邪运、增强个人运气
· 平稳情绪,提高直觉力
· 可以平和心绪、提高悟性、带来灵感

Rose 粉晶 / Aquamarine 海蓝宝 / Amethyst 紫晶 (Design)