Yellow Tiger Eye 黄虎眼



• Enhance self-confidence, dare to accept challenges, help to re-examine the situation and make clear and decisive judgments and actions whenever encounter difficulties
• Suitable for those who are timid & afraid of dark, walk at night, can strengthen the courage & guts,  to shield the evil spirits
• Holy stone of Indians, helping people to make breakthroughs in their careers, being self-discipline, and relieving pressure to achieve their life goals.

· 增强自信心,敢于接受困难和挑战;对于遇到困难,难以坚持者,有助于重新审视局面,做出明确、果决地判断与行动。
·  可以强化气场、胆量,也可以辟邪。
· 虎眼石是印度人的圣石,帮助人更容易在事业上有所突破,懂得自律,化解压力达成目标。


Citrine 黄水晶



• Fortune Crystal, it comes with energies of good fortune & good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways
• Improve personal emotions and enhance personal confidence
• Use to combat negative energy of any kind by breaking them up & dissipating them.

· 财富水晶,主偏财,帮助创造意外财富,买股票、彩票、赛马不可或缺的利器.
· 改善个人情绪和增强个人自信.
· 有助于记忆、逻辑、条理、背诵、考试等性质的工作.

Yellow Tiger Eye & Citrine 黄虎眼&黄水晶