11mm Aurolite (Mixed) designed with Stainless steel and S925 sterling silver accessories.



• The world's oldest crystal gemstone with 23 minerals.

• Applicable to spiritual healing, through the human body seven chakras,

  re-adjust the body's mechanism to achieve a healing effect.

• Reconcile and improve emotions, giving people a sense of mind and

   clear thinking.

• Go deeply on self-awareness and reduce negative vibes.



· 世界上最古老水晶宝石,含有23种矿物
· 适用于灵性疗愈,通过人体七轮,重新调整人体的机制,以达到疗愈的功效
· 调和及改善情绪,让人有定心,清晰的思路

Aurolite 23 极光23