• To enhance memory and attention, delay ageing, comes with soothing effects on headaches, migraines and insomnia and other symptoms.

• Can stimulate the brain, stimulates creativity, therefore increasing the confidence, and the interaction between men and women.

• Wearing on neck helps to improve emotional & temper stability, inhibition of anger and depression, as well as providing quality sleeps.

• Strengthen tolerance and this crystal is beneficial to leadership control.



• 具有极其强烈的辟邪功效,通常可驱赶邪运
• 增强个人运气和亲和力,并能促进智能,平稳情绪,提高直觉力、帮助思考、集中注意力、增强记忆力,给人勇气与力量。 
• 金字塔水晶有極強的聚集宇宙能量漩渦的能力,能將財富、旺氣從四面八方凝聚在它的四周盤旋不散。


Amethyst Buddha Tooth 佛牙紫晶