3 Color Tiger Eye ( Red, Yellow, Blue )


• Helps to make breakthroughs in career, being self-discipline, resolve stress and achieve goals
• Improve attention and concentration, keep your mind clear, and make your mind flexible
• Encourage creative mind & calmness, helps to bring confidence & urge for immediate execution



· 有助于事业上有所突破,懂得自律,化解压力达成目标
· 提高注意力与集中力,保持头脑的清晰,使思维灵活
· 能够带来信心,执行能力,辅助个性欠坚强果断、单想不做、半途而废的人,而且能鼓励创意的追求、冷静及平衡

3 Colors Tiger Eye 三色虎眼